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Sky Art Poster


October 2019


Ivan Majcen

Sky Art Poster

We have designed and developed web site for Sky Art Poster.


Sky Art was created in November, 2017. when I wanted to create just the star map for my baby boy to have the stars under which he came to our life, but I wanted to personalise it with fonts and design, make it my own, make it really unique and beautiful. I showed it to my friends and they were amazed by my first, raw Sky Art, and idea came to life. I choose the name to fully represent what we stand for. “Sky” represents sky full of stars, in most beautiful design we worked on for more than a year. “Art” stands for numerous ways of personalisation you choose for you own Sky Art- making it unique and really your own. I didn’t want to create just star maps, I was on a journey to find the most beautiful, personable and unique designs.